For immediate release. 28 August 2014.

U.K. 14th Landward Licensing Round Production Forecasting

Oilgen, the reservoir engineering consultancy with offices in Aberden (UK) and Houston (TX, USA), is launching a call to exploration companies participating in the U.K. 14th Landward Licensing Round, to help them evaluate the future production profiles and economics of UK shale plays.

Over the past two years, Oilgen has re-invested a significant percentage of its profits in the research and development of numerical simulation and reservoir-flow models to predict the performance of shale gas and oil wells. The company’s models were succesfully tested on the Eagle Ford play and are now ready to be deployed on immature plays where little or no production data exist.

A direct application of Oilgen’s methods is to establish numerical, deterministic, “type-curves” of any shale play, without having to refer to analogues or empirical comparisons. As in conventional reservoir engineering, models rely on geological, fluids, and well completion description, encompassing all uncertainties of the evaluation chain.

Oilgen is innovative in offering a unique integrated predictive solution for shale wells, using commercial software tools and proprietary techniques.



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