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Since Oilgen’s establishment in 2002, it has been our mission to deliver world-class reservoir engineering expertise to clients across the globe.

Numerical simulation of reservoirs is at the heart of many things we do, and our team specialises in high-tech reservoir modelling to forecast and improve oil and gas production. In order to do this, we deliver first-class operational and project management services in geophysics, geology, reservoir engineering, well engineering, production optimisation and development planning.

Through our work we recognised a growing requirement to assist clients to identify deals and evaluate reserves and launched the Oilgen Advisory service in 2014. This allows us to provide a range of services including support for dataroom, competent persons reporting (CPR), asset evaluation, negotiation and financing, as well as compiling confidential reports and acting as deal facilitators. Finding the right deals at the right time….

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Our in-house team of reservoir engineering experts work on projects across the Globe, and we are always on the lookout for experienced professionals to join us...  MORE...

Maurel & Prom

"M&P has worked with Oilgen for several years now. They have not only provided us support on existing projects, but also on technical due diligence and evaluation of potential asset acquisitions. Oilgen has always been responsive to our needs in terms of quality, availability, and integration with the due diligence teams. I look forward to working with Oilgen in the future."

Maurel & Prom Business Development Manager


“Taqa was working on a notoriously difficult field to history match so we had to work with the best in the market.  Oilgen did an excellent job and delivered a near perfect history match, on time and within\ budget, which was crucial for the success of the project.  Their impressive amount of data research and measurement has resulted in a fully working 3D model allowing us to accurately predict the future life of the field.” 

Taqa Holland Subsurface Manager 

Our ethos

We bring innovative thinking and extensive business experience to each project we work on, and over the years, Oilgen has built trust and reputation for providing unbiased advice on complex reservoir engineering cases.

Reservoir Simulation & Geosciences

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Oil & Gas Consultants

We only work with trusted professionals of at least 20 years experience with solid references in delivering expertise while adapting to a project organisation.

Our associates base currently comprises:

Geologist, Geophysicist, Reservoir Engineer, Production Technologist, International Exploration Advisor and Petroleum Economist

Technical Services

Our mission is to provide oil and gas operators with practical technical solutions and business-driven advice in petroleum engineering, to increase their production and maximise the value of their reserves.

We deliver value through outsourced studies conducted from our Aberdeen (U.K.) or Houston (U.S.A.) offices.

To find out more call us on t: +44 1224 327047

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